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Paragraph on The Advancement of Science in the 21st Century

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Question: You have been asked to write about the Advancement of Science in the 21st Century. Now write about it.

Answer: In the 21st century science will be more powerful and invent and discover many new things. It will make the impossible possible. It will work wonderfully like a magic wand of Aladin. The achievements of science will dazzle the whole world. In the field of medical science, it will bring about immense welfare for human life. It will invent rare medicines to get relief from fatal and mortal diseases. It will enable man to drink life to the lees. It will enable him to enjoy a fuller and longer life. In the field of technology, science will advance far and make much more progress. Computers will bring about a miraculous change in human life. Computers will make the complicated work easy and man will enjoy more comfort. Science will conquer space. Scientists will bring out hidden information from space. They will go to different planets. Science knows no defeat. knows no retreat. So long man is man. so long as man is curious, science will go on inventing newer and newer things. No Maginot’s line, no Hitler’s line can stop its triumphant march. There will be none to challenge its power.

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