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Essay on Science and Technology: Blessing or Curse?

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“Advancement in Science and Technology has given manpower fit for ‘God’ yet he can’t be ‘God’ unless has peace of mind, inner satisfaction respect for moral, ethical and spiritual values.”

Today science and technology come to play a key role in almost every branch of human activity. The wondrous advancement of science and technology in different spheres has completely changed the pace of the way of living of the present society. If our forefathers could rise from their grave they would be amazed and bewildered to see the present world. In the field of education, health, transportation, banking, defense, communication, the progressive use of newer scientific and technological equipment, have changed the spectrum of functioning. The gradual use of computers in all walks of life has changed the means and modes of utilizing the time and energy of present society.


Every new invention has its merits and demerits. No invention is itself a blessing or a curse, it is its use which the human being does to make it a blessing.

The higher food production and better quality of food grains are possible due to rapid progress in irrigation facilities and by the use of hybrid seeds and technically very easily operable tools and machinery. Today agriculture is to a great extent free from the vagaries of nature, rain or no rain, scant rain or excess rain, in any kind of weather a good production is ensured at least in developed countries. Depending on the wind, the sun for air and light has since been a matter of ancient past. Comfort by coolers, AC, and light through electricity has become very common. In the field of education, distance learning through satellite, online education, the progressive use of the internet is also a common feature.

Sitting in India, one can well be taught by a professor delivering lectures in the USA and can also put questions with the help of technologically advanced devices.

The mindboggling advancement in the field of Communication has brought the whole world into a small room. The network of satellites, computer networks, internet, have decimated all the geographical barriers and brought the world so closer that one can communicate with a person sitting millions of miles away through video conferencing as if looking face to face.

The tremendous advancement in nuclear technology, medical science, biotechnology, etc. has made almost everything possible. The forecasting of weather, surgery of the brain, heart transplantation, heart valve change, planting of every humane organ including eyes limbs, and every bone has made a man more than immortal. The progress in bio-science in genetic engineering has made man envying with God. The cloning of sheep has become a reality and now researches are being made in the cloning of human being. In the field of space technology, the Moon, Mars, has since explored by man and efforts are being made to explore the other hidden secrets of the universe. Every day new stars, new space bodies are being discovered. In addition to the inventions and discoveries made by science and technology, it has made human life full of comforts and luxuries,all kinds of entertaining mode are available at hand.

A very important aspect of advancement in the field of science and technology is the analytical reasoning and removal of various orthodoxical and superstitious beliefs thus enlightening the common people.


Science and technology have given the manpower fit to be the God yet he could not as by vagaries of his mind, lust for becoming almighty, he has put the world at the threshold of ruin. Science and technology have done wonders in the inventions of warheads, nuclear and atomic weapons, space warships thus putting all the world at ruinous peril. A switch can destroy the whole world. We had seen the devastation and destruction caused by the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and now there are more scientific more accurate warheads available that can destroy the whole world within an hour. The invention o chemo cal weapons have also jeopardized the whole civilization that may put humanity in danger of incurable diseases.

The rapid progress in genetic engineering can make it possible to develop a clone of human beings the disastrous effect of such invention can ruin every fabric of morality, ethics, and civilization. The fast development in science and technology has put the balance of nature in great danger. In the present day, air, water, and noise, pollution, the gradual global warming, has put the existence of the world at stake. Rapid industrialization particularly in developed countries has resulted in an imbalance in the ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the environment. As per the report of Hadley Centre U.K., by 2050 the trees and soils will start falling and perishing due to Global warming if no corrective measures are taken.

In pursuit of materialistic prosperity, we have been going for more and more unplanned industrialization that has resulted in not only air pollution but also water pollution. Rivers, the natural source of pure and hygienic water, now become so much contaminated that even the water creatures, fish, tortoise, etc. are on the verge of extinction. Forest are decaying gradually, many species of wild animals have become a matter Of the past. Undoubtedly science and technology have given man, much luxury, comfort, material prosperity, but wealth and prosperity are not the ‘be-all and end-all’ of human life. Is there any material benefit more precious than life and material loss more awful than death? The worst curse of advancement in science and technology is that man has started feeling himself Almighty and ignoring the spiritual and human values. The man has lost his peace of mind, inner satisfaction, the value of ethics in the realm of new and newer advancements in science and technology. What purpose all the material and physical prosperity serve if we have no peace of mind, no inner satisfaction?

In brief, science and technology have brought both good and evil to the present world. No invention or technological advancement is itself bad or good, it is the user who turns it into blessings or curses. Machines are created for the luxury and comfort of man, if we use them to destroy others, they become a curse, otherwise, machines are blessings. It is the man, who has to ponder over the question of what he wishes to make the world a heaven or a hell, it is his decision that makes science and technology a ‘blessing’ or a ‘curse’.

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