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Paragraph on Flower Cultivation And Its Bright Prospect In Bangladesh

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Question: You have been asked to write about flower cultivation and its bright prospect in Bangladesh. (Include details about the type of people who buy flowers. cultivation of flowers, source of income, etc.)

Answer: Ans A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And a flower is a symbol of beauty and purity. Its sweet smell attracts all. There is hardly any person who doesn’t love flowers. We all like flowers but most of the people of our country are very poor. They can hardly keep body and soul together. So they can’t buy flowers. Only a particular section of people buy flowers on various occasions. But this attitude is changing day by day. Nowadays many flower shops are seen in the towns and cities in our country, Many people cultivate flowers and sell them. Today solvent people buy flowers. Their sense of beauty is increasing. A flower has a soothing, balmy, and healing effect on the human mind. They decorate their houses with flowers to enhance beauty. People present flowers on any occasion. At present flower exhibitions and fairs are also held. Many people have taken it as a profession because the flower is not only a source of income. Flower cultivation holds a bright prospect in our country. It is becoming popular day by day. Today people don’t like to sit idle. They want to work and change their condition. So we can hope that the day is not far to come when the cultivation of flowers will turn into a profitable business. Moreover, it will go a long way to solve our unemployment problem and contribute much to the economy of the country. The cultivators will be able to lead a decent life. If people become more conscious and introduce the art of giving presents with flowers on various occasions, programs, seminars, symposiums, etc.. this will go a long way to encourage the flower cultivators to cultivate flowers more and more. So, a new business may emerge in our country. This will better the living condition of the poor flower peddlers and flower cultivators.

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