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Paragraph on Your School Garden

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  • Who makes a garden?
  • where is your school garden?
  • How large is the garden?
  • What do you do in the garden?
  • What do you cultivate in your school garden?
  • How do you enjoy making the garden?
  • Is gardening a popular hobby?

We, the students of class 8 had the chance to make a garden of ours. It is inside the school compound. The garden is twenty meters long and fifteen meters wide. It is just behind the school library. It has a water tap very close to it. It gets enough sunlight. It is also free from the risk of flooding. Acting on the advice of our class teacher, we collected tools, fertilizer, seeds, and saplings. First, we prepared the garden well. We made beds for both sowings seeds and planting a sapling. After about two months’ time, our hard labor paid off handsomely. The garden is now providing us with vegetables and beautiful flowers. We sell them to collect funds for our future needs. We also gave them free to the poor people. We are proud of our school garden.


Your School Garden


  • Where is the school garden?
  • What does it add?
  • What do you do to make the soil loose?
  • Why do you make a fence?
  • Why is it helpful?
  • Why are you proud of it?

Answer: I have a flower garden within the compound of our school. It has been laid out, in front of our classroom. It is very beautiful to look at. So, it adds to the beauty of our school. I selected the plot of land for laying out the garden with our Headmaster’s permission. I dug it deep and well to make the soil loose. I pulled out the weeds. I also applied a sufficient quantity of manure to it and divided the plot into a number of beds. I assigned each of the beds to only one kind of flower. Then I made a fence around the whole plot to keep away goats, cows, and naughty children. My garden has been planned so wisely that it is never without flowers. I am round of my school garden.

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