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Composition on Flowers of Bangladesh

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Introduction: flowers are a wonderful gift from God. They are a great source of both joy and beauty. Bangladesh is a sweet homeland of a great variety of flowers. We enjoy their colours, beauty, fragrance, and smell with great pleasure.

Features of flowers: flowers are of different features. They differ in size, shape, colour, and smell. Some of them are big and some are small. Again, some are white, some are red, some are yellow, and some are pink, while others are multicoloured. Many a flower blooms in the wilderness. Some flowers are liked for their charm; some are liked for their sweet smell while others are liked for both charm and smell. There are both cultivated and wildflowers. There are also native as well as foreign flowers.

Common flowers: there are various kinds of flowers in Bangladesh. They differ in size, colour, beauty and scent. The rose, the lotus, the marigold, the Champa, the jasmine, the Tagor, the Jui, the Bakul, the Beli, the Kamini, the Chameli and the Sheuli are among the well- known flowers of our country. The rose is called the queen of flowers for its beauties and sweet smells. The lotus, the marigold, the Beli, the Jui, the Chameli, the Champa and the Gandharaj are all fragrant flowers. The Kamini, the Sheuli and the Bakul are well-known for their perfumes. The Krishna-Chura, the Krabi and the Palash bloom on big trees with their Dazzling coolers. The Hasna-Hena and the Rajani-Ganda give off their fragrance at night. The Shapla is our national flower. It is born and grown up in the water. It blooms all the year round but more profusely during the rainy season. When it is in blossom, it looks like the glittering stars in the sky. Most of the scentless flowers are wildflowers. They are much more in member and variety. The poet sing,

“full many a flower is born the blush unseen,
And wastes its sweetness in the desert air.”

Charms and user: we love flowers for their beauty and sweet smell. We present flowers to our dear and near ones. We decorate our houses and gates with flowers on different occasions. We greet honourable guests and leaders with flower wreathe. Decorating a bridegroom’s car with flowers has become a common fashion today. We place floral wreaths on the smithy-Saudh and the Shahid Minar during different national festivities. The Hindus offer flowers at the feet of their gods and goddesses. Youngsters present their friend’s flowers as a token of their love for them. Nowadays the sticks of the Rajanigandha are presented to the participating member in different functions. Besides, little girls and young women put on some flowers in their plants. Bees gather honey from flowers and make hives. Honey is very useful to us in various ways. We get rose water and attar from the petals of the rose and other sweet-smelling flowers. A house without a flower garden looks bare and poor. Our Prophet (SM) exhorts us to buy flowers along with a piece of bread,

“If you can afford a farthing,
Buy food to appease your hunger.
If you afford another,
O’ devotee, buy a flower by it.”

Source of delicate feelings: the very word ‘flowers’ fill our hearts with a sense of beauty and purity. Keats says, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Flowers are also a thing of beauty and joy forever. Our beloved world poet Tagore claims, ‘nowhere would thou find such a land, queen of all lands, my beloved motherland.’ Flowers are loved by one and all. I think, there is hardly any person who does not love flowers. Flowers may be called the queen of beauties of nature. They add enormously to the surpassing beauty of Bangladesh. Our poets and writers are captivated by their eye-catching beauty. They fill their hearts with soft emotions and feelings for both truth and beauty. They become inclined to compose writings about them. To quote a beautiful rhyme, “Fuler gandhe ghum ase na akla jage roi,” the same spirit is also found in the expression of Tagore, “flowers? In the flower garden? No, thou shall not find it there. Search your heart and thou shall find spring therein.” In fact, flowers enlighten our mind, heart and soul with a spiritual light blended with delicate feelings.

Flower cultivation: flowers are now in great demand to people feel monotony and boredom of their daily routine-bound life and try to seek relief from them by coming in touch with nature especially with flower corners and flower gardens. Nowadays flowers are cultivated on a commercial basis too. As a result, we now find flower stalls here and there in our cities and towns. There was a time when we imported Rajanigandha from India. We are now thinking to export flowers. A visit to flower corners bears out the fact well. The flower fairs held in our country have added a new dimension to the growth of the flower corners. The flower garden may become a good sauce of income to the unemployed. So we should try to grow more and more flowers in our country.

Conclusion: flowers are a beautiful thing of great appeal to all hearts. They are the symbol of beauty and purity. They may act as a great source of bliss in solitude.

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