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Composition on Birds of Bangladesh Or, Common Birds of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Bangladesh is a favourite homeland of a great variety of birds. The names of all kinds of birds are not even known to us. We go to bed with the songs of birds at night and wake up again with the songs of birds in the morning. They are found flying, singing and chirping up and down from dawn to dusk.

Kinds of birds: there are many varieties of birds in Bangladesh. They are different in colour, size, and habit. Some are white, some are black some are green and some are red. Some are small and some are big. Some are beautiful and some are ugly. Some are wild and some are domestic. Some have a sweet voice and some have a harsh voice. Their food habits are also different.

Singing birds: the biers which are capable of singing are called singing birds. The Doel, the Krakatau, the magpie robin and the cuckoo are the singing birds. The cuckoo is the most popular singing bird in our country. It is called the harbinger of spring. It pours out its sweet notes hiding behind the leaves of trees. The magpie robin is small but pretty. It sings and raises its tail at the same time. The Doel is our national bird. Its sweet whistle attracts us greatly.

Talking birds: the birds which are capable of talking like men are called talking birds. The Moyna, the Shalik, the Shyma, the Chandana and the parrot are talking birds. They can imitate the voice of a man when they are trained.

Game birds: the birds which are caught and killed for their flesh are called game birds. The dove, the pigeon, the heron, the stork the pan-kauri, the teal etc. are the outstanding game birds in our country. They are found almost all over the country.

Birds of prey: the birds which live on the animals preyed on them are called game birds. The kite and the hawk are the birds of prey. They have keen eyes and sharp nail. They upon chickens and ducklings. The vulture is a bight ugly bird. It does well to us by eating up dead animals. The kingfisher catches fish and feeds off them.

Water birds: the birds which live in the watery place are called water birds. The swans, the duck, the heron, the Pan-kauri are the water birds. They can both swim and fly. They live near the rivers, canals, and swamps. They live on fishes and frogs.

Domestic birds: the birds which are kept and tamed in the houses are called domestic birds. The duck, the hen, the cock, the pigeon and the goose are our domestic birds. They are noted for their eggs and flesh. We eat their eggs and meat which are rich in protein.

Nocturnal and guest birds: there are some birds which come out mostly at night. The owl and the bat are of this kind. Again, some birds are seen in our country in autumn and winter. They come from foreign countries and as such, they are called migratory or visiting birds. They stay here for a short time and go away.

Teasing birds: the bird which teaches us in different ways is called the teasing birds. the crow and the kite are worth mentioning among them. The crow is an ugly bird. It is disliked by all for its nasty habits and harsh voice. It steals our foods. The kite often sweeps away chickens from the courtyard of our house.

Beautiful birds: the birds which are beautiful to look at are called beautiful birds. The Kingfisher, the woodpecker, the Kakatua, the Moyna, the parrot, the Chandana-are all fine-looking birds. The pink crest of the woodpecker is very nice to look at.

Other common birds: there are also a great many other common birds in Bangladesh. The Tuntuni, the Babui, and the swallow are the common tailor birds in our country. They show great skill in weaving their nests.

Conclusion: birds are really a wonderful creation of God. They maintain a balance of the healthy environment in nature. They contribute much to add charm and beauty to our country. They are friends to the friendless and source of living to the unemployed. So, we should all be kind to these birds and make our land a happy and sound homeland for them.

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