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Composition on The Flowers of Bangladesh

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[Hints: Introduction, Where and when grown, Kinds, The rose, The lotus, The sunflower, The hasnahana, Marigold, Usefulness, Conclusion.]

Introduction: The flower is a beautiful creation of the creator. It charms us and pleases our mind. It beautifies the nature and its surroundings. So, everybody loves flowers.

Where and when grown: Flowers grow abundantly in the spring. They grow generally in the domestic gardens and in jungles. They grow on land and water. Our national flower water lily grows in water.

Kinds: There are various kinds of flowers. They differ in colour, size and scent. Multicoloured flowers are also found. Some flower is scentless. Some bloom at night and some at day.

The common flowers of Bangladesh:

The Rose: The rose is the queen of the flower. It is famous for its sweet scent and beauty. It is generally found in the garden. It is in different colours, but the red rose is the most beautiful and sweet-scented.

The Lotus: The lotus is also another favourite. It is loved for its beauty and fragrance, it grows on land and water.

The sunflower: The sunflower is very beautiful to look at. Sunflowers are of different. they are seen in different places.

The hasnahena: Hasnahena is another sweet-scented flower. It spreads its odour during the night only.

Marigold: Marigold is very handsome. It has both beauty and scent. It decorates our garden in the spring. Besides those, there are the Kamini, Bakul, Beli, Chameli, Krishnachura, Lily, Mallika and many others.

Usefulness: We love flowers for their beauty and sweet scent. We use them as a token of love and respect. We use flowers for happy ceremonies. and festivals. We get honey from flowers. We also get rose-water and otto from the rose.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is full of flowers. Wherever we go. We see flowers. We thank the Almighty Allah for this gift.