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Paragraph on Flower of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a country flourished by the beauty of nature. Each season approaches with variety of flowers. Each kind of flower has special charm, beauty and fragrance. A flower is always a symbol of beauty. That is why everybody loves flowers. Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) was also a lover of flowers. Our poor country is enriched by a variety of beautiful flowers. They have variety in color, shape, and size. Red, white, yellow, pink, blue, orange-colored flowers charm our eyes and soothe our hearts. Some are with fragrance and some are scentless. Some are seasonal and some remain for years. The Rose, the Marigold, China rose, the Champa, the jasmine, the Tagar, the Jui, the Bakul, the Beli, the chameli, the Kamini, the Shefali, the Lotus, etc. are remarkable in Bangladesh. Flowers have very little material value but its aestheic value is unlimited. Flowers are used from time immemorial as a taken of love, respect, and gratitude. As flowers make our country beautiful, we should take care of them.

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