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Essay On Sonar Bangla

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[Hints: Introduction, Variety of natural beauty, Conclusion.]

Introduction: The country we live in is called Bangladesh. It is a small country. But it is a beautiful land with charming greenery, mighty rivers and extensive fields changing color with the change of seasons. Bangladesh is chiefly an agricultural country. It produces a substantial jute, oilseeds, rice, sugarcane, and pulses. Seventy percent of the world’s jute is produced in this country. So, it is called ‘Sonar Bangla

Variety of Natural beauty: Bangladesh is a picturesque land. It has six seasons. In this country, there is more variety in a year. Because this country wears six quite distinct looks in a year, the year is divided into six seasons. It is a land of beautiful sights and sounds.

It is a green land. Trees are green even in winter. Fields are green with winter crops and when rapeseed plants are in flower large stretches of them look soothingly yellow. The sight they present is a feast for the age.

All nature appears more lively and charming in spring. Trees and plants send out new shoots and many of them burst into blossom. Flowers bloom forth. The air becomes heavy with their fragrance. Birds of a host of kinds fly from tree to tree. Sit on branches and twitter charmingly. Then, too, add color to spring and make it more charming.

Then summer sets in. The monsoon showers become frequent. After the harvesting of the winter crops, begin to look green once again. As the rains set in trees. Plants and crops look refreshed. Rivers begin to swell. Framers get busy with harvesting jute, leaving large gaps between stretches of green and paddy fields, Bangladesh is a land of rivers, both large and small. They flow down with large volumes of muddy water.

Days pass and water begins to recede and some land reappears. Paddy plants shoot out long ears with white flowers. This develops into the green paddy. At the season’s advances, the ears look golden with mature grains ready for the sickle. And when they are reaped young shoot of peas, rapeseed etc. Show themselves above the stubble in a short time and give the fields a green look again.

Conclusion: Days roll by and seasons change, and Bangladesh changes its aspect. Colour succeeds color, one charming sight yields place to another and Bangladesh continues to be land of natural beauty all the year round.

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