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Paragraph on My Country: Bangladesh

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The name of our country is Bangladesh which is situated in South Asia. Its land area is 147570 square kilometers with a large number of populations. It became independent on 16th December 1971 from Pakistan. Dhaka is the capital of this country and most of the people of it use Bangla as their first language and English is used as the official language. The population of this country is about 16 core and most of them are Muslims. The others are Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and Tribes who live here with peace and amity.  It is considered as the land of rivers and the Padma, the Meghna and the Jamuna are the biggest rivers where various kinds of fish are found. The land of this country is very fertile where various kinds of crops and fruits are grown. There are six seasons in Bangladesh and the weather and climate of all seasons are totally different from one another. Based on the season, different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and crops are cultivated. There are many historical places which make our country more attractive and increase its beauty. Every year many visitors from different places of the world visit the historical places. They are attracted by the natural beauties of it. Bangladesh is also considered as the gift of nature because of its natural beauties and resources. Therefore, the development of our country is increasing rapidly and we feel proud to be the inhabitance of this country.

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