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Short Composition on Birds of Bangladesh

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Introduction: from sunrise to sunset we always hear the songs of various kinds of birds. There are even some birds. Which sing and break the silence of the night. These birds are of different colors and sizes. They utter different kinds of notes too.

The crow: the crow is the most familiar of all most familiar of all the birds of Bangladesh. It builds its nest before we get up from bed in the morning and flies about uttering its harsh voice. It is black in color and ugly to look at. It eats rotten things, dead bodies of greedy and it steals our food if it finds any opportunity. So nobody likes this bird. But it does us some good by cleaning the surroundings of our houses.

The cuckoo: the cuckoo is a bird of passage. It comes in spring and fills the air with its sweet songs. It is a very shy bird. It sings from behind the leaves of trees. So the poet has called it a wandering voice.

Talking birds: the parrot can imitate the voice of a man. So it is sometimes put in the cage and taught to speak the human language and utter slogan. The Shalik and the many can also be taught to talk like human beings.

Songbirds: the magpie-robin is a pretty bird. It can be seen in both towns and villages. It’s a shy bird. We hear its singing at noon.

Birds of prey: the hawk and the kite are the birds of prey. They swoop down upon domestic chickens and carry them away. So the housewives do not like these birds. The vulture is hated by all. It is ugly to look at, eats dead bodies of animals.

Some other birds: the peacock is a wonderful bird. It has beautiful plumes but its legs are ugly. The pigeons are domestic birds. They are kept in almost all the houses. The sparrow is found to live in our houses. The oriole is a beautiful bird. It pretty bird. It eats worms from within the barks of trees.
The heron, the crane, and the kingfisher are found near the marshy places. They live in the nests near the river. They feed on frogs, insects, and fishes.

Conclusion: there are many other birds in Bangladesh. We should not be unkind to them.

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