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Story on A Proud Crow

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The Proud Crow

Once a crow became very sad about thinking of his ugly color. He always thought of becoming beautiful. But he could not find out any way to become beautiful. Once he got a chance. He found some feathers of a peacock in a jungle. So he did not miss the opportunity. He took the feathers one by one and stuck them in among his own feathers. Then he looked at him and became overcast with joy thinking him to be as beautiful as a cuckoo. He thought that he should no longer live with the crows. So, he made up his mind to live with peacocks. But peacocks understood easily that actually, he was a crow in the appearance of a peacock. All peacocks gathered together and attacked him. They pulled out all the false feathers and drove him away. Finding no other way he returned to the crows. But the crows did not accept him. They also drove him away. The crows realized his fault. So, he apologized to all the crows. He also promised that he would never be ever-ambitious or show any falsehood.

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