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Composition on Earthquakes

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Earthquakes are produced by the way of vibratory waves through the rocks of the earth. The destruction caused by earthquakes to human life and property is very high.

An earthquake causes unaccountable damage and sometimes heavy destruction of life and property. If the earthquake is strong, the houses rock violently, sometimes causing the high buildings to come down.

An earthquake causes the trees to move unusually as in a storm, and the tanks and the rivers are thrown into unusual commotion. During an earthquake, it is unsafe to remain inside a multi-storied house. Houses made of thatch and bamboo are more or less safe. The ground floors of buildings are also comparatively safe. It is better for the convicts of houses to come out in the open at the time of an earthquake.

In Japan, an earthquake is a common phenomenon. It takes place frequently than in other coun­tries in the world. In Bangladesh, earthquake is, however, felt from time to time in mild form in different parts of the country.

When earthquakes occur, people lose their valuable life, property, landslides, vegetation, and cattle.  The list of devastating earthquakes in the world is too long to be counted here. In Bangladesh, it also occurred several times in different areas. In fact, earthquakes are most devastating and disastrous among natural hazards.

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