Latter to Your Pen-Friend in Italy, About Informing Him the Importance of So Many Rivers in Your Country’s Economy

Question: Suppose, your pen-friend in Italy has heard that Bangladesh is a land of rivers. He has also heard about devastating floods in your country. Now he wants to know about the importance of so many rivers in your economy when they cause great destruction every year.
Write a letter to him giving your opinion about it.

30 January 2003
Dargha Road,
Sylhet. Bangladesh.

Dear John,
I am very glad to have your sweet note just now. You have asked me to let you know about the importance of rivers in our country and the destruction caused by them every year. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. There are many big and small rivers. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The prosperity of agriculture depends on the rivers. These rivers have made the soil fertile. So, rice, jute. tea and other crops grow in plenty here. Our rivers abound with fish. Fish is an important wealth. The rivers of our country are the main ways of communication. Boats. launches and steamers move on these rivers in all seasons. Men and goods are carried from one town to another from one part to another. Most of the cities. towns, industries, hats, bazaars, trade centers are on the bank of rivers. The products of mills. factories and industries are easily carried to different places through rivers. Raw materials from far and near can be carried easily to our industries. Thus, our rivers help in commerce. trade and industry. Some of our rivers are sources of energy. But sometimes the rivers cause great damage to our life and properties. In the rainy season, the rivers overflow the banks and cause floods. People suffer untold suffering. Houses are destroyed, cattle are washed away, crops are greatly damaged and trees are uprooted. Thousands of people become homeless or shelterless. They remain without food for many days.

I think from my letter you will be able to realize that rivers are a blessing as well as a curse for us.

I am well. With best wishes and love.
Yours sincerely,

Dargha Road,
Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Corso di Porta Vigentina, 35
Milan, City in Italy

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