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Essay on The Summer in Bangladesh

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[Hints: Introduction; Description; Advantages; Disadvantages; Conclusion.]

Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of six seasons and a land of beauties. The summer is the first season that lasts for Baishakh and Jaisthya. It is the hottest and tiring season. It appears with fruits and flowers but is accompanied by a dust storm that sometimes causes much harm to men animals and plants. It sometimes blows away trees and houses and sometimes causes death to men and animals.

Description: During this season, the earth comes nearer to the sun and gets more heat and light. The day becomes longer than the night. As a result, the earth becomes so hot that man cannot bear the heat. The rivers, ponds, canals and pools dry up. People sweat and get thirsty and tried out of extreme heat. Sometimes strong north-east storm blows away trees and roofs of our houses. Sometimes It causes death to many men and animals, So it is called Kal-Baisakhi.

Advantages: The summer is the season of fruits and flowers. Mangoes, jackfruits, blackberries, litchis, melons and many other juicy-fruits grow in this season. Various kinds of flowers also blossom in this time. And various kinds of anther fruits ripen. The boy’s gifts enjoyed the summer holidays.

Disadvantages: In this season people suffer for want of water. Many diseases like cholera small-pox and measles break out. In addition to these, men, animals and plants fall a victim to storm and cyclones. Sometimes drought destroys crops.

Conclusion: despite its defects, this season makes soil soft for easy cultivation. It gives us plenty of fruits and flowers. So we welcome it.

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