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Paragraph on Mosquito Menace

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Question: Suppose, mosquito menace has increased to a great extent. As a result, people have to suffer tremendously. Effective measures should be taken as early as possible. Now write a letter to the editor of a newspaper highlighting the mosquito menace and suggesting measures. (120 words)

Mosquito Menace

Answer: Today people living in towns and cities are well acquainted with the term mosquito menace. Towns and cities are infested with ‘mosquitoes’. Just after the sunset mosquitoes come out in swarms like locusts and spread their fitting claws on human beings. They suck blood from human bodies. People living in towns and cities are to draw mosquito curtain just after evening. In the hospital, they are seen fitting patients in the day time. Though people use various insecticides and mosquito coil. they are of no use. They disturb the sleep of people by their buzzing sound. Through their biting, they cause various diseases like dengue fever. malaria and elephantiasis. Sometimes dung fever and malaria break out in an epidemic form and take away heavy tolls on human life. Elephantiasis leaves many people disabled. Today mosquitoes have created a sense of panic among city dwellers. Shuns, stagnant water, plastic containers. bottles flower vases are the ideal breeding pales for laying eggs. We can get rid of the mosquito menace by raising public awareness and using various types of insecticide.

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