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Paragraph on Duties to The Disabled

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Who is disabled?
  2. What is their condition?
  3. How are they treated in society?
  4. What the govt. has done for them?
  5. What more should be done for them?

Answer: People, who cannot do their own works by themselves due to either mental or physical disabilities are disabled. They face a lot of problems in their everyday life. They have to depend on others in everything even to take their meals. The problem of the disabled in Bangladesh is very serious. There are not adequate centers to help them to overcome their problem and most of the people do not know how to help them. Moreover, they are regarded as a burden for society. Though the government has established some centers to rehabilitate the disabled. these are not adequate. Private sectors also should come forward to help them by establishing more centers and by teaching people the system to handle disabled as well as raising public awareness about the disabled people.

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