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Short Essay On Handicapped Children

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The children who are suffering from physical and mental handicap are handicapped children. Handicapped children mean the children who are disabling. In our country, we find a lot of children handicapped. Their number is huge.

A handicapped child may suffer physically or mentally. Physical disabilities are mostly found among the handicapped children. They are living in our society as a burden. People from outside their family do not treat them well. Most often people ignore them well. Most often people ignore them. They try to avoid such types of children. Handicapped children are bereft of many facilities of the society. Every they are deprived of the affection and sympathy of their neighbors.

As individuals, we should do something for them. We should behave well with them. We should not avoid them as they are part of our society. We should associate with them. We can help them in various ways. We should show our sympathy towards them.

the society can play an important role to make the lives of the handicapped children better. These children should not be neglected in the society. All should be affectionate to them. An educational institution can be set up to educate the handicapped children. They can be provided training. It the society comes forward to save them, their life would be easy and comfortable.

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