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Short Essay On Domestic Helps

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The people who help in our household works are known as domestic help. Domestic help is common figures in our society. The rich and solvent people employ them in their houses. Domestic helps usually do the work of washing, cleaning, cooking and other household chores. They try to satisfy their masters with their works. In houses where the women work outside domestic help do all kinds of household works. Domestic help maybe servant or maidservant. They look after children, take them to school, and do shopping and other works.

Maidservants remain busy in the kitchen most of the time. Domestic help also takes a hand to serve food to their masters. They lessen their master’s workloads and make life comfortable. Very often domestic help are maltreated by their employers. Sometimes, they make mistakes to do their duties. They break plates, glasses and other things due to their carelessness. They do the mistakes naturally as human beings. Their master often gets angry at their failure. Then domestic help is punished severely. Sometimes, they have been forced to starve for days. This is quietly inhuman activities. As human beings, they can make mistakes and we should consider them.

Domestic help deserves the treatment of other humans. We should behave well with them. We should not show cruelty towards them. Sometimes domestic help steal many things. We should be careful of them. If any of them does so, we should sack them from service. Sometimes, they are engaged in crimes. So, we should try to know about them quietly at first and engage in work then. We should be sympathetic and kind towards them.

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