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Essay on Which Is Better — To Be Tall or Short?


I would say it is better to be tall, but not too tall. I give my reasons below.

I am of average height, about 170 cm. So I am quite comfortable in most things that I do. A short person has a number of problems when it comes to doing things. So does a tall person.

The first thing I notice about a short person is that he has difficulty riding a bicycle. His legs are not really long enough especially when he has to stop. l have seen really short people get down from their bicycles when they have to stop. Otherwise, they will fall off. This is of course very inconvenient, but I suppose they have to live with it and adjust accordingly.

On the other hand, a person who is too tall may find that his knees get in the way when he rides a bicycle. So he has to adjust the seat as high as possible.

Similarly, these problems occur again for very short and very tall people when they sit down on chairs. A short Person may find that his legs can hardly touch the ground while a tall person may find his legs very inconvenient especially if there is a desk in front of him. One of my classmates is more than six feet tall. His legs are so long that he has to sit sideways. He can not get his legs under the desk. I am sure he finds it very uncomfortable.

When it comes to sports and games, a tall person’ definitely has the advantage over a short person. Physically a tall person is usually stronger. Thus he can run faster, jump further and higher, throw further, hit harder and generally perform better in most sports and games. A tall person will be of much use in a volleyball or a basketball game. So will he be in football, badminton, tennis and any sport you care to name? A short person is handicapped in most games and he has to work very much harder to compensate for his lack of height. Often no amount of hard work is sufficient. A short person just cannot be an effective volleyball player or a basketball player, no matter how hard he might try to be one.

One other thing I notice about short people is that they usually have straight backs. Perhaps this is due to their lack of height, So they stand as straight as possible in order to look as tall as possible. Conversely, tall people tend to hunch This is probably because they frequently bend their bodies to avoid knocking their heads against doorways and other things. This gives them a permanent hunch. So it is quite amusing to watch a tall and a short person talking to each other. One stands bolt straight while the other bends over the link a bow.

Short people do not have problems buying cloth and Shoes. Very tall people have big problems doing so. know a very tall guy who wears size 14 shoes. He says it is impossible to get them locally. So he has to get them specially imported and mat costs him a sizable amount of money. So it is with clothes. He just cannot go and buy ready-made ones like most of us do. He has to get a tailor to make them. Again he has to pay more.

Thus I have to say that it is disadvantageous to be short. Being too tall is also inconvenient. The best is somewhere in between. I am fortunate to be of average height. I can play most games fairly well and do not have problems when buying shoes or clothes Anyway who can really say which is better, being short or tall? We just have to live as best as we can according to our physical height. It is not something we can change. We make the best of whatever we have.

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