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Paragraph on Condition Of Environment of Dhaka

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Question: You are attending a seminar arranged by Green Peace in Malaysia on “Environment Pollution“. You have been asked to describe the present condition of the environment of Dhaka. Write about it. (Details about its population, living places, trafficking system, sanitary conditions, environment, etc.)

Answer: Dhaka is one of the mega-cities of the world. Its population has exceeded one crore. About 40% of its total population can’t afford standard residence. They live in slums in miserable conditions. They are not aware of health rules. They don’t know habitat rights. Dhaka’s traffic system leads to its everyday traffic jam. Its atmosphere receives several tonnes of harmful chemicals daily exhausted from vehicles. Dhaka’s sky remains full of smoke almost 24 hours a day. Several lakhs of vehicles burn low-quality fuel polluting our atmosphere. High-rising apartments are growing up leaving our lives at severe risk. The only river on which Dhaka stands is at stake. The majority of its banks are occupied by buildings and commercials. Its water is dangerously polluted threatening our environment seriously. There are very few open spaces, parks, and playgrounds. lakes in Dhaka. And our environment is not clean at all. Heaps of garbage dustbins are found here and there on roads and streets. There are some mills and factories in and near the city. Malaria, influenza, and recently dengue have become dangerous for our lives. All the citizens of Dhaka are living in a deadlock environment. If our dear Organization Greenpeace spreads its campaign to Dhaka, we will be highly grateful to you.

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