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Paragraph on Traffic Jam in Bangladesh

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Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Traffic Jam in Bangladesh‘ In your paragraph define traffic jam and traffic rules and its impact on general mass and show the way and means removing traffic jam.

Answer: Traffic jam is the most unbearable problems in Bangladesh. It is one of the most irritating -drawbacks in Dhaka city. Everyone feels it but none seems to think over this unhappy situation I as prevails in Bangladesh. Communication is an important aspect of our day-to-day life. And as such the bad effect of traffic jam can better be understood than described. So, movements in the roads and streets must strictly be regulated by certain rules, which we call traffic rules. Vehicles must keep to the left, obey speed limits and should avoid overtaking and follow the traffic signals. If these rules are followed strictly, the vehicles can go on smoothly without causing and traffic jam. But most often than not, there is glaring carelessness about these rules. As a result, the common people lose their valuable time and energy on their way for nothing. The government should take more effective steps to control this acute problem. Everybody wants to get free from it.

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