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Composition on Traffic Jam

Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “Traffic Jam“.

Answer: Traffic jam is a common feature in big cities of Bangladesh. Traffic jam is caused during office hour and at the time of going to schools, colleges, and universities. The congestion of various vehicles causes the traffic jam.

The cities in our country are overcrowded. People at a certain period, rush towards their respective destinations by buses, taxis, cars, and rickshaws. Everybody starts the competition to reach their own destination in due time. Thus it causes a traffic jam.

The number of roads is not enough. They are narrow as well. So the pressure of all transports at a time on these limited and narrow roads creates the traffic jam. On the other hand, our traffic system is not modern and scientific. Most of the traffic signals are defective. Moreover, our traffic police are not well-trained, careful and dutiful. Their negligence sometimes causes the traffic jam. Traffic jam sometimes kills a lot of time of the people. It puts pressure on nerves and creates tension to some extent.

Many people have to sit idle for hours together when they are caught in a traffic jam. Sometimes ambulance carrying patients cannot proceed due to the traffic jam. Many delivery vans with exportable goods cannot move for the cause of traffic jam. Many people are delayed in attending important jobs of the country only for the traffic jam. Without quick movement and arrival in due time to the destination, people are unable to do their work properly.

Traffic jam hampers the movement of transports. But we know that movement is production and growth and without movement, life becomes stagnant. As a matter of fact, traffic jams slow down the movement that may hamper our growth and production.

So traffic system should be modernized. Roads should be made wider, traffic police should be trained up and above all, people should be more conscious. Government and the concerned authority should take steps to solve the problem.