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Composition on Drug Addiction

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Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “Drug Addiction“.

Answer: Drug addiction has become the problem in our country. Once it was a problem confined to only developed countries. Now it has spread to developing countries as in Bangladesh.

An irresistible attraction for some harmful things may be termed as addiction and the materials which cause intoxication in man are called drugs. There are many kinds of drugs like opium, pethidine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, bhang etc. Drug addiction like an epidemic is spreading in Bangladesh. The number of addicts is being multiplied rapidly. Of course, there are many reasons for the rapid increase in the number of drug addicts. The western culture has been playing a great influence on some young people. They are being misled by this influence. They are addicted out of fashion. They take drugs to find relief in tranquillizing effects of drugs. Acute unemployment problem, abject poverty, political instability, lack of social security are the causes of drug addiction. Many people of young generation suffer from frustration and they seek peace in drugs.

Some dishonest businessmen are involved in trading of drugs. They make drugs available to young people who out of curiosity taste them at first but very soon they develop the dangerous habit of drug taking. Thus a large number of men and women including teenagers have become addicted to different kinds of drugs. The situation is going from bad to worse day by day.

Drugs are very costly items of trade. There are influential circles of drug businessmen who organise drug smuggling all over the world. In organising smuggling worldwide, they have selected some routes and junctions as comparatively easy access and convenient for their purpose. According to specialists, there are three routes namely golden triangle, the golden crescent and the olden ways. The frontiers between Burma, Laos and Thailand are marked as the golden triangle. The frontiers between Afganistan, Iran and Pakistan are known as the golden crescent and the regions between India and Nepal are known as golden ways. Drugs have a very adverse effect on human body. It carries the addict to an unreal world of dreams. The addict feels drowsy, loses appetite, and feels like vomiting. Drugs damage the brain, impair all internal function of the body and finally lead to death.

Serious drive against drug should be taken. Social awareness should be created. Centres for medical treatment of the drug addicts should also be set up. A great campaign through the country should be undertaken to make people aware of the bad effects of the drug.

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