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Paragraph on Effect of TV

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Television is a wonderful invention of modern science. It is the most common and widespread source of entertainment. But it has some bad effects too. Usually, it offers us various types of entertainment. It shows us music, dance, drama, sports, health, culture and many other interesting subjects. TV programmes can be highly educative too. For example, television is used for distance learning courses run by Open University. But sometimes television does a lot of harm too. Western culture affects our teenagers very badly. It has been found in America that children are spending more time watching TV. It has also been found that TV programmes have an enormous influence on children’s behaviour and learning style. The same is the case with the children and teenagers of Bangladesh. Many of them are addicted to television. Addiction to television is a very bad sign for our future generation. We must try to control our children and teenagers from random watching of television and it can be done by taking the proper initiative by the guardians and parents.

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