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Paragraph on Television

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  1. What is television?
  2. How powerful is television on a source of entertainment?
  3. What does it telecast?
  4. Do all programmers suit our culture?
  5. How does it influence children in America?
  6. What should we do, to get rid of this problem?

Answer: Television has been regarded as a powerful mass media and a popular source of entertainment. But unfortunately, the abuse of television is causing much harm to our young people. The situation is worsening day by day and so, it is high time we looked into the matter seriously. Televisions telecast entertaining, informative and educative programmes but during the recent days, they are screening obscene films and programmes of crime and violence. It does not suit our culture and as a result, the young generation is going to astray. They are getting involved in various anti-social activities. Even in America, it has been found that TV programmes are influencing children’s behavior and learning style. It is the case in Bangladesh too. Many are already addicted to television. They spend hours together in front of this ‘magic box’ forgetting their homework and lesson. Movies full of action and violence make them aggressive as well. It is, no doubt, a very bad sign for our full of action and violence make them aggressive as well. It is no doubt, a very bad sign for our future generation. We cannot let it go on anymore. We must refrain our children and teenagers from watching TV at random. The government should also chalk out plans to control the telecast of immoral shows.



Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What is television?
  2. What are the uses of television?
  3. What is the bad effect of TV?
  4. How are the people influenced by TV programmes?
  5. What are the demerits of TV?

Answer: Television is a nice gift of modern science. We can hear and see the speaker simultaneously on television. The main function of TV is to entertain us with different programmes. People of different tastes watch different programmes on TV. Programmes having didactic purposes are telecast on television. So people of different ages enjoy function according to their taste and temperament. But it has some demerits also. Watching television kills one’s valuable time. It is seen that sometimes people start watching TV leaving their respective business. Watching TV has become an addiction to many children and teenagers. They sit on enjoying TV programme, leaving their study. Again, some obscene films are also shown and they degrade their morality. Despite some of its drawbacks, the — necessity of this electronic mass media can hardly be denied.

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