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Composition on Television or Uses and Abuses of Television

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Television is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. It is a great improvement over the radio. Television pleases our sense of sight and hearing at the same time.


The idea of Television first came to a German scientist, Paul Nepkow. Later on, in 1926, an English scientist named High Beyard gave a shape to his idea and invented television.


The word ‘TELE’ means ‘distance’ and ‘vision’ means ‘sight’. So ‘television means ‘sight from a distance. It is a mechanical, photo-electrical, and wireless process for reproducing scenes at long distances. It is a combination of radio and cinema.

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Television is powerful as media. It broadcasts news and information on national and international aspects. It refreshes our minds. It focuses on thought on the whole nation. It also highlights the ongoing public concerns.

Television serves as a means for our recreation. After a day’s work, we sit before a television art and enjoy various programmers. We feel that the artist has come to our drawing-room.

As an instructor, television is of great use. It instructs people on various issues.

Television has great educational value. This is used to teach the nude people and the students. Lectures on various topics, lessons on science through television help our young people.


Television has also bad sides. Sometimes naked films and violence are shown. So, our young generation is spoiled by watching the bad scenes. They forget everything and concentrate their attention on it.


Everything has its merits and demerits. We should avoid the bad sides of T.V. Then we can be greatly benefited.

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