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Composition on Television: A Modern Technology

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Introduction: Television is one of the wonders of modern science. With the passage of time man has invented many scientific inventions. Television is an instrument which sends pictures to distant places.

What it means: The word television comes from the Latin words ‘Tele’ and ‘visions’: ‘Tele’ means distance and ‘Vision’ means sight. So, the word television means seeing from distance. We can see the happenings of the different parts of the world through it. Now, this equipment is very popular. It is being used in various sectors.

History of its invention: A German scientist at first thought about it. His name was Paul Nepkoy. In order to improve the idea, he made a number of experiments to carry it to perfections. In next stage, on the basis of his experiment John Bayard invented the television in 1925. He was a British scientist.

Role of the television in various sectors: Television is a very important invention for its uses. It has a significant role in the following sectors.

Recreation: In the field of recreation it is playing a vital role. It is a source of recreation. Many dramas, cinemas magazine programs, and singing or dancing are show through it. Besides, setting VCP we can see many pictures of it. Now a day we cannot help thinking without it. After days hard work we sit before a television set to hear music and songs. We also enjoy dramas. We can see our favorite actor and actresses.

Educative Value: Television is one of the most powerful mass media. It is a very suitable instrument to educate people to the current affairs and topics of the modern world. Many social programs are published through television. Like family planning programs, mass education programs, health and sanitation programs and anti-drug programs are also organized in order to make conscious the people.

In medical science: In the field of medical science, it has been playing a vital role to recognize the diseases through Television screen. It is being successfully and dramatically used in various sectors, now a day it is being used to publish the respective programs and training.

Other activities: Television has changed the world picture. It has made the world very small. It has overcome time and distance. We can see the remarkable place and sight without going there. Suppose we can see the Taj Mahal without spending huge money and energy. We get familiar with the customs and traditions, fashions and dresses and culture of the people of different parts of the world through the television.

Demerits or abuses: Everything has merits and demerits. Television has demerits too. Sometimes school going students prefer enjoying television to their regular studies. Besides, some films which are suitable for adults are shown on television.

Conclusion: Television is an important invention of modern science. Now it is playing an important role in mass communication. It plays an important role in our everyday life. For this reason, television programs should be carefully produced so that they can contribute to our education and culture.

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