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Report on Role of The Satellite Channels in Our Present Society

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Question: Suppose you are a reporter of a Daily Newspaper. Now, write a report on the role of The Satellite Channels in our present society.

Role of The Satellite Channels in Our Present Society

Answer: Satellite television has added a new dimension to TV programming and telecasting. In fact, satellite telecasting appears the whole world live in the box, and entertain us and inform us of all that is happening around the world. Now, in the present world, with the advancement of communication and technology, people’s tastes and interests have changed a lot. Now they expect a great many things from television. Television wonderfully and very effectively is satisfying people’s interests and demand for entertainment and information. Television in general and satellite channels in particular air programmes of varied interest that people of all ages and all classes enjoy. Satellite channels have removed monotony of watching fixed items of programmes. They have provided people with opportunities of watching diverse programmes on numerous channels. In fact, today we have specialized satellite channels on almost every interest. There are some channels which broadcast only news round the clock, some only show cinemas. Some channels show games and sports only, some channels show only the discoveries and inventions of science and technology and again some channels are dedicated for telecasting animal world. Actually, people now have more choices and more freedom about television programmes.

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