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Composition On Open Air Culture

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Introduction: modern communication network and satellite channels are run and directed through satellites, v-sat or dish antennas. When one program is broadcasted to every corner of to world, it is praised as the good fruit of modern technology.

Dish antenna and important satellites: the antenna, which looks like a dish or plate and is used for receiving satellite programs, is called dish antenna. A lot of satellites are set in the space. In Bangladesh, dish antenna was first launched in 1992. Now it is spread in every town and through cable operators.

Positive effects: there is no meaning of being deprived of modern technologies. Satellite and dish are the technologies providing many good things to civilization and culture. Those are discussed below:

  1. Expansion of attitude and outlook: coming to close contact with many different cultures and views through satellite programs, it becomes natural to get instinct of various ways and style of life. People can give and take everything of culture by presenting and watching programs on TV broadcast through satellite worldwide.
  2. Growing up consciousness: in the present competitive world. With being facilitated with this modern blessing of science nobody but the isolated one will be deprived and ruled by others. Because they will remain behind everybody else whoever gets the facility of the satellite system.
  3. Capturing international market: this is the world of advertisement. In fact, for business purpose, this latest technology is being materialized. In these media, marketing is being flourished and spread for better than other media.
  4. Discover of new dimensions: the present world is prone to take the new and afterward worships it. The control of power in different sectors is gone to the owners of the pioneers of open-air culture. Human beings have become dynamic and important more and more for this open-air impact.

Negative effects: this news motif of the world is being discussed for its poisonous claws by the thinkers. Being new and appealing, it is welcomed but it has many bad sides. Those are as follow:

  1. Defrayal of native culture: every nation has its organ, which is based on a native culture. But this root is being hit by the aggression of dish-culture backed up by modern technologies.
  2. The demotion of morality: honesty, nobility, chastity all these essential elements of human morality. These are affected by open-air aggression and especially among the youth, it has taken a horrific as the destructor of morality. As a result, corruption, violence, and harassment-all these are increasing day by day.
  3. Cultural commerce and nudism: culture is one kind of commercial object which can be sold or bought. This possible today for open-air culture.
  4. A spokesman for capitalism: in a high voice and spectacular tone, this culture is rejoicing at capitalism and the deeds of the idea. Whatever the jobs do by capitalism whether it is against humanity or not, satellite culture continues advocacy for the capitalists.

Conclusion: we cannot but accept the reality of the scientific acceleration on the open air culture. If it is bad for us, we cannot ban the whole thing. It will be suicidal to show back to science and technology in this word. We must utilize this modern concept for our purposes, which will be beneficiary for us and our country.

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