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Essay on Impact of Satellite Channels on Us And Western Civilization

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Satellite Television has added a new dimension to our television recreation. Watchers sit before the TV set at least three times more than before, some reports say. Because, now there are innumerable satellite channels all over the world, and approximately 100 channels are in a circuit (in Bangladesh. Every day we see many live programs through various satellite channels. To say the truth, satellite itself, in a broader sense, has become a multi-media of information, entertainment, telecast, education, etc. It may, at a time, display many pro-grams of far or near. In this global village under the concept of globalization, we may watch American or Australian TV programs living in Bangladesh. Our entertaining taste has been enriched through countless satellite channels.

Satellite Channels & Civilisation Civilisation

Civilization may mainly be defined as the sign of development of a society or nation, and again, the sign of material progress inland or country symbolizes development. In this sense, the invention or innovation of satellite channels is also a civilization of a society or country. It is undeniable that, apart from others, respecting this field, the western countries are far more ahead than the third world ones like ours.

Satellite TV is one of the sources of entertaining taste providing many programs through many channels such as National Geographical Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, MTV, Channel I, ESPN, Star Sports, Fox Movie, B4U, and the like. So, satellite TV is one of the greatest achievements of modem science. But it has also a bad effect on our society and culture, besides a good effect. It’s a good medium of recreation. What is very important with satellite TV is that it gives us almost the first-hand idea of the developments and culture of different countries. It helps us understand the culture and people of other countries. It thus helps to bring the people of the world close to each other through mutual understanding. It is making the world smaller and bringing the world to our parlors. We can be aware of other cultures and enrich our own by taking the better and more enjoyable sides of other cultures. We can also thus take effective steps to familiarise ourselves and our culture with foreign spectators. Our store of information and knowledge is enriched and it may be more enriched in contact with satellite channels.

No doubt, the gradual development of a nation depends much on the satellite channels because interchange of civilization occurs much through such channels. Now ‘Civilization and satellite channel’ is a much talked ) term in most societies. Civilization may be called a mirror of tradition, history, power, riches, and development of a country or nation. Civilization is always a prestigious term. It is an influential entity over the caste and creed of the whole universe. Frankly speaking, the influence of western civilization is notable all over the world. This civilization is spreading in the air of countries all over the world like the wild seeds of the forest through various satellite channels. European countries have turned into productive and constructive ones in the case of civilization. And civilization makes civilization. On the other side, one country’s civilization makes another country’s civilization sophisticated to some extent. So the western civilization is not an unmixed blessing for us.


Before discussing the evil sides of western civilization I feel an urge to illuminate the good sides of that civilization that has done or does or will do good to us. The intrusion of western civilization in ours is a benediction for us. The excellence of science is a gift of European civilization. Science has given us much. So western civilization has given us much that has made our life modern, easy and dynamic. Western civilization has made us acquainted with the people, society, culture, education, and history all over the western world. It helps us to make a comparative study between western civilization and ours and to judge the standard of our culture. The positive side of the western culture is enough to make our developing country developed, no doubt. Again, there is also the darkness underneath a light post. That is why our youngsters are sometimes the victim of the bad sides of western civilization.

Time and again they become blind fans of the western metallic songs that always glorify the individual love that is fatal for the ongoing nation. In this situation, the youngsters worship the love only and look for the fiance leaving the needful doings behind. Blockbuster fighting movies inspire the young seers to replicate what they see; they practice some feats at home or outside the home, and sometimes bring about disasters for themselves and others. For example, now many schoolboys of the USA open fire in educational institutions in broad daylight and kill many fresh lives. In Bangladesh, the number of illegal gunfire has also increased. Here, it is often heard that a body of class nine or ten boys have been found at Hair heel or in Uttar Khan or on the bank of the Burigonga. All these are the result of satellite movie channels as well. Again, on many satellite channels, obscene films are shown which are extremely harmful to the youngsters of third world countries like ours. Some days ago a boy named Rajib, in the name of love, made a blue film with his girlfriend, a famous model girl in Bangladesh. The continuity of such culture in our land should be immediately hindered. Otherwise, our civilization may be abolished at any time.


Satellite channels are closely related to the running civilization of the world. As this is the age of globalization, we will not able to reject western civilization anyhow. But we have to absorb the positive and effective part and dose of it. Again the abandonment of the negative part is a must to retain our civilization. Therefore, our target should be that long live Bangladesh in the bad influence-free phase of the satellite channels or western civilization. Entertainment or many means of recreation such as movies, drama, etc. may occur cultural assault. The young generation or children may fall a victim to this. Watching these may become an addiction for them. It influences their education or mind too. Sometimes false news may hamper us. It has also a negative impact on our sight.

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