Paragraph on Culture


  1. What is culture?
  2. What does culture make a man?
  3. What does culture imply?
  4. What is the best in our part of heritage?
  5. What does culture prevent?

Answer: Culture can be defined as the intellectual development of society. When we say that we owe much from Egyptian culture or Greek Culture, we mean the arts, customs, and social institutions, etc. of the people of those countries. Therefore, culture implies a certain way of thought and behavior, a certain standard of values that is distinguished from the vulgar. Culture depends upon education, as the intellectual discipline and heritage, as an influence of conduct. The sense of the best in our part heritage is a power to the spread of education. Culture represents the best and the highest in our national life. Culture prevents narrowness and encourages tolerance and reason. Culture is the best way of life. It is a prolific view of the human mind to establish himself as a perfect citizen in society.

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