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Paragraph on Bangladeshi Culture

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  • What is a culture?
  • What is Bangladeshi culture?
  • How these affect the people?
  • What are the cultures of the ethnical group?
  • What are the social and cultural activities of the people?
  • How the people of Bangladesh celebrate their culture?

Answer: Culture is defined as art, literature, music and other intellectual expressions of a particular society or time. Every country has a culture of its own. The Bangladeshi is as old as it is rich and diversified. Social and religious customs have a great influence on. it. The observance of the International Mother Language Day, Poush Mela’, Mother Mela; Baisakhi Mela; and Basanta Utsab’ are the most important of them. Besides, the birth and death anniversaries of the great personalities of the country have a great touch of our rich culture. During the winter the country witnesses a host of cultural events all around. Titha Uutsab’ and `Nabannya’ are considered most important. The first one deals with different types of mouthwatering `Pitha’- or pancakes. Whereas `Nabannya.’ welcomes the harvesting of paddy. Besides different ethnical groups living in Bangladesh have their respective culture. They are also equally rich. Since a country is known for its culture, we must guard against any harmful invasion of foreign culture into ours.

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