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Paragraph on I Lost My Purse in Baisakhi Mela

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Question: Imagine you went to Baisakhi Mela where you lost your purse. Write a paragraph in about 100 words answering the following questions.

  1. When did you go to the Baishakhi Mela?
  2. With whom did you go?
  3. What did you see there?
  4. How did you lose your bag?
  5. What was in your bag?
  6. What did you do then?

Answer: With two of my friends I went to Baishakhi Mela held in the playground of Dhanmondi Club. We went there in the evening. I found the Mela bustling with life. There were various kinds of shops and stalls. They were full of different kinds of things such as toys, handicrafts, potteries, sweets, and many handmade things. While I was busy buying handicrafts, I was pushed. My purse was snatched by a Young man who ran off quickly. In the bag, there was about three thousand Taka. There were also some other important things. I got completely upset. We tried to find out the snatcher but in vain. He was lost in the crowd. Then we went to the Information Centre of the Mela to inform the matter.