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Essay on Cable T.V. : A Blessing or A Bane

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With the rapid development of information and technology the visual media in the shape of cable TV, with multitudes of domestic ad foreign channels, have reached almost every house. It plays a vital role in molding public opinion in various ways. It plays a very crucial role in educating, and entertaining the masses. Cable TV has changed the means and modes of entertainment, education. Sitting before television, one can pass and enjoy his free time, listening to music, viewing movies, learning techniques of bodybuilding, hearing sermons of religious saints, learning about lives of wild animals, birds, water creatures, knowing about space, and whatnot. During the election period, one can know the positions of political parties, their leaders, happenings in all parts of the country and their impact on the election campaigning and all facts of electioneering, just sitting before the television.

Youngsters and teenage students are nowadays seen viewing the channels, as per their likings, if some are viewing the music, some are seen quenching their thrust of knowledge, viewing channels like ‘Discovery’ or ‘National Geographic or History’ etc. The image on the small screen thus has a significant impression on all, more particularly on the gullible children and on the teens. The young mind takes the reel as real and thus more often and more easily molded and motivated by the visual media. The present-day fashion, hairdressing, sexual liberties, dating, and awakening towards the right of children, awareness among the women to their rights are because of the role visual media is playing in society.

In a hysterical effort to excel from others, some channels are showing such scenes and images, which are of no importance and hurt the mind of viewers. Showing sexual and rape cases, with minute details by the anchor, and showing brutal scenes of murder, the channels have crossed the limit of ethics and morality. The TV coverage of the massacre of a consumer fair organized in victoria Park Meerut including Gandhi Nagar Akshardham, Godhra’s burnt railway bogies, with burnt and churned bodies of victims lying in the bogies and outside coaches, create a feeling of hatred among the communities and motivate others to wreak vengeance. Obsessed by the monoamine of making fast bucks, the channels are competing with one another to stoop to any kind of absurdity, without considering even for a minute as to what effect such visuals have on society.

The Cable TV is a boon or bane depends upon the impact it has on society. Some of the programs shown are healthy and some are very obscene. The government should control cable TV so that unhealthy programs are not telecasted.

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