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Essay on Keeping Fit and Healthy

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A person who is fit is one who can perform ordinary physical tasks with ease. He or she feels a sense of well-being within. The likelihood of a fit person getting ill is less than one who is unfit. This is because a fit person’s body has more resistance to illness, and if illness does strike, the rate of recovery is usually faster.

It is important for us to keep fit so that we are not burdened by weakness and disease. A visit to any hospital will convince anyone how terrible it is to be ill. Thus, by all means, we should try not to end up like them. Keeping our bodies fit and strong will lessen the possibility. I am not saying that by keeping fit we can guarantee ourselves against all illnesses. I am just saying that a fit person is less likely to succumb easily to disease.

The simplest way of keeping fit is by exercising regularly. The exercise, however, must be vigorous. Vigorous exercise keeps our muscles strong and supple. The most common forms of such exercises are jogging, swimming and playing games that require a lot of movement. Many people play badminton, squash, tennis, and soccer to keep fit. There are others who .make use of machines to exercise themselves. Whatever they are, such exercises give the body a good work-out, make us sweat and keep our muscles, bones and other organs in good running order. However, we have to be careful not to over-exercise until we collapse from fatigue,

I keep fit by jogging and playing badminton. Jogging builds up my stamina thus enabling me to play a better game of badminton. Badminton helps to keep my reflexes sharp and my limbs flexible and strong.

Exercising alone is not enough. We have to be careful not to abuse our bodies. Smoking or taking drugs is definitely out. Besides being addictive, such activities take a terrible toll on our bodies. A smoker has a perpetual cough that may lead to lung, diseases or cancer. A drug-addict is worse off. His body degenerates as his addiction worsens. if he does not kick his habit, his fate is almost certain to be a horrible death.

The food and drinks that we take are also important. It is useless exercising diligently while stuffing our stomach with all sorts of junk. Fatty foods and alcohol are two that we have to be wen)/ careful about. They can cause our bodies to deteriorate faster than we can make them fit. They can also make us fat and clumsy and prone to all sorts of illnesses.

I have seen overweight badminton players puffing and panting on the court. The moment a game is over, they puff on cigarettes. That is not what l would call a wise action and the smokers are certainly not fit. How they toil to exercise their bodies only to abuse them immediately after.

Lastly, I would say sufficient rest and sleep are vital for fitness. All of us know how cranky we can get if we do not have enough sleep. So it is a good idea to go to bed early each night to have a good night’s sleep. Waking up fresh the next morning is one thing we delight in, do we not?

Thus if we have sufficient exercise, eat and drink sensibly, have enough rest and sleep, and keep away from harmful things like drugs and smoking, we should be able to keep ourselves fit. Nobody likes to be weak and ill, for life is much more pleasurable when one is fit.

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