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Short Essay On Road Accidents

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Road accidents have become common affairs nowadays in our country. It occurs frequently in any part of our country. Everybody we find the news of road accidents in the newspaper. Road accidents cause a great loss to the people.

Several reasons are working behind these road accidents. The drivers of the vehicles often do not care the traffic rules. They drive according to their own will. The drivers also try to overtake other vehicles. As a result, accidents occur. Sometimes, unfit vehicles are taken to the roads. These unfit vehicles cause road accidents. The roads and highways of our country are not wide enough. Most of them are narrow. This is another reason for causing road-accidents.

Road accidents cause server damage. People die a lot. About five thousand people die from road accidents in our country. Road accidents cause great loss to our economy. They not only destroy the vehicles but also damage many families. The victim’s family has to face irreparable loss. Road accidents take the lives of people mercilessly.

Preventive measures should be taken to minimize road accidents. Well, planned traffic rules and signals should be applied. The drivers should be trained. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. The drivers should be punished for disobeying traffic rules. By implementing these measures, road accidents can be minimized.

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