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Essay on Write About Some of The Shortcomings of The Transport System of Your Country

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The most glaring shortcoming of the transport system of my country is that it is almost totally dependent on roads. This is to say that as the country progress, the number of transporters lorries, buses, tankers, trucks, trailers and other heavy vehicles using the roads have reached almost saturation level.

Take a drive on any major road and the chances are we will find that most the vehicles on it are heavy ones. The situation can get so bad that a mile of traffic can build up behind a few slow lorries upfront. It is very dangerous for faster vehicles to overtake as the oncoming traffic is equally congested. So we get very impatient car drivers and motorcyclists who risk life and limb just to get ahead of the queue. Sometimes these risk-takers lose and they end up dead or maimed.

It is very infuriating to be caught in such a slow-moving line of cars travelling at less than 50 km/h. To make things worse some empty lorries start overtaking as well and this adds immensely to the dangers. No wonder our country has such a high accident rate.

Another shortcoming of the transport system is that many transporters are overloaded. it is frightening to see a heavily-loaded lorry charging through traffic without consideration for the smaller vehicles. Granted lorry operators want to make profits, but they often do so at the expense of safety. So again they contribute to road accidents.

Lorry and bus drivers are never loved for their driving tactics. In fact, other road users are very wary of them. This is not to say that all lorry and bus drivers are bad. Some are actually very careful. However, there are many who, probably because they drive such huge vehicles, just do not care about others. Frequent fatal accidents involving these vehicles testify to their lack of care or skill.

What our country need is a more efficient train system. At the moment, the trains are inadequate and inefficient so much so passengers and companies prefer to use buses and lorries for transportation. If the trains are more reliable and readily available, they will take a lot of load off the congested roads. As it is now, there do not seem to be any development in that direction. So our roads continue to become more and more congested. The construction of the toll-highways help to ease the congestion a bit for a while, but they will also get congested when more and more vehicles get on them.

Perhaps we could divert transportation via the sea. Our country is easily accessible by sea, so it could be a good idea to have small ships to transport goods and passengers from place to place. This may be feasible. Perhaps the authorities can look into this. Actually the authorities have to do something about the condition of our transportation system. Otherwise travelling on our roads can turn into a real nightmare.

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