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Dialogue Between Two Friends on Frequent Road Accidents

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Question: Write a dialogue between two friends on frequent road accidents in our country.

Answer: A dialogue between two friends about road accidents:

Rahim: Hello, Kamal, why do you look gloomy.

Kamal: Today I have seen a news of a tragic road accident.

Rahim: But the road accident is a daily affair in our country.

Kamal: Maybe. But this news shocked me terribly.

Rahim: What is that news?

Kamal: It is reported that all the five members of a family died on the spot while they were going to attend a wedding party.

Rahim: How did the accident take place?

Kamal: While the car carrying five members was coming towards Dhaka, a loaded truck was going from opposite direction and collided with the car near Faridpur town.

Rahim: What a pity it is!

Kamal: Can you tell me the reasons for frequent road accidents in our country?

Rahim: So far, I could know from newspapers and other electronic media, most of the accidents take place for the reckless driving of the drivers, carelessness of the drivers to traffic rules, unfit vehicles and bad conditions of roads etc.

Kamal: Can you please tell me how we can control and reduce the number of road accidents?

Rahim: Firstly, we should train up our drivers properly. Then unfit and unlicensed vehicles should be removed from the roads. Also, the drivers should be compelled to follow the traffic rules. Also, the conditions of our roads should be improved.

Kamal: Yes, you are right. If we can take these measures, the number of road accidents, will no doubt, be reduced.

Rahim: Yes, I agree with you. Thank you very much.

Kautal: You are welcome.