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Dialogue Between Myself and A Doctor About Various Physical Problems

Question: Suppose, your examination is knocking at the door. You need to work hard but you are suffering from various physical problems. Now, write a dialogue between you and a doctor.

Answer: A dialogue between Anik (myself) and a doctor:

Anik: May I come in, sir?

Doctor: Yes, of course. Please be seated.

Anik: Thank you, sir.

Doctor: What’s your problem?

Anik: Oh, I can’t prepare myself for my coming exams.

Doctor: But what’re the reasons you think behind this?

Anik: Oh, a lot of problems, sir. I’ve been suffering from a chronic headache. There’s a severe backache. Also, I am suffering from indigestion.

Doctor: Let me see. Oh, you’re quite well, man. There’s nothing serious.

Anik: How can you say this, sir? I even can’t sit at my reading table! And you know my exam. is knocking at the door.

Doctor: Perhaps. it’s tension. I’m giving you medicine. Take this regularly and remain free from the tension of your exam. You’ll be Ok soon.

Anik: Are you sure, sir that there’s nothing serious with me?

Doctor: Yes, I can ensure you about this.

Anik: Oh, I’ve started feeling great relief. I’ll do everything according to your advice.

Doctor: I also expect so.

Anik: Thank you very much.

Doctor: You’re always welcome.

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