Dialogue Between Two Friends on Giving Consolation to A Friend

Question: Suppose your friend Samir could not do well in the test examination and he has become very upset. Now write a dialogue giving him consolation.

Answer: A dialogue between two friends on giving consolation to a friend:

Myself: Hello, Samir, how are you? Why are you looking so sad?

Samir: Oh, Faruq, I am so sad. I am really upset about my result in our test examination.

Myself: Yes, I know. You have got ‘A’ grade. Then why are you so upset? It is an accident. In the final exam, you will surely get A+.

Samir: But my parents are very annoyed with me. My father was outrageous and rebuked badly.

Myself: Oh, it is unexpected. But you are not responsible for it, because you had been suffering from typhoid for two months before the examination. Still, then your result is not so bad.

Samir: What should I do now?

Myself: Don’t worry. I shall talk to your father. I shall go to your house tomorrow.

Sarah: That’s a good idea. I hope it will improve the situation.

Myself: Don’t be nervous. There is enough time to improve yourself.

Samir: Yes, thank you so much for your inspiration.

Myself: You are most welcome.

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