Dialogue Between Two Friends on The Basis of Plan for Spending Spare Time

Question: Anup’s HSC Examination is over. He wants to spend his spare time by taking a special English course at British Council in Dhaka. But his friend Jamil wants to teach the illiterate people in his village. Now write a dialogue between Anup and Jamil on the basis of their plan.

Answer: A dialogue between Anup and Jamil on their planning for spending spare time:

Anup: Hello Jamil, how have you done in your examination?

Jamil: Quite well. And how have you done?

Anup: I have also done well.

Jamil: Our result will be published after three or four months. What will you do during this period?

Anup: I have decided to improve my English efficiency and for that, I want to get myself admitted into a special English course at British Council.

Jamil: That’s a very good idea because it will help you much in future.

Anup: You’re right. Have you planned anything to do?

Jamil: Yes, I’ve decided to spend these days in my village home. There I along with some other friends will teach the adult illiterate people.

Anup: That’s, of course, a noble idea.

Jamil: I shall be very happy if you join with me and come to our village.

Anup: It would be nice. But my father has already paid the fees for the course.

Jamil: Oh, I’m sorry.

Anup: Don’t worry. If I get an opportunity I must join with you. Because I love this kind of job.

Jamil: Thank you, friend.

Anup: You’re welcome.

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