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Application for Construction of a Road

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Question: suppose, you are Belal/Sabina, an inhabitant of village Kachua under Nimtala union council. A ‘Katcha’ road runs beside this village which needs to be ‘pucca’.

Now, write an application to the chairman of your union council to construct a ‘pucca’ road beside your village.

23 January 2018
The chairman,
Nimtala union council

Subject: application for construction of a ‘puuca’ road.

Dear Sir,
I, on behalf of the people of Kachua under your union, have the honour to draw your kind attention to the fact that there funs a ‘Katcha’ road beside our village. Many people including student have to use it every day to reach their respective fields. But it becomes almost impossible to use this road during the rainy season. So, it is a crying need to make the road pucca as soon as possible to remove the sufferings of the villagers.

In the above circumstances, I, therefore, pray and hope that you would take the necessary steps to construct the road ‘Puacca’ as soon as possible.

Yours truly,
On behalf of the people of Kachua.

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