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Dialogue Between Yourself, Your Friend and The Waiter

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Question: You and your friend went to a restaurant to have your lunch. But you didn’t find the menu. Write a dialogue between yourself, your friend and the waiter.


Answer: A dialogue between myself, my friend and the waiter:

Myself: Well, here we are. Do you like the place?

My friend: Lovely! Very nice!

Myself: Yeah, I hoped you’d like this place. Let’s go and sit in the corner there, shall we?

My friend: Yeah.

Myself: Now, let’s see if we can get some service.

My friend: Well, we need a menu first, don’t we?

Myself: We haven’t got one here, have we? Could you ask those people behind us?

My friend: Mm, excuse me, could you possibly give us a menu? Oh, they haven’t got one either!

Myself: Haven’t they? Let me see. I think I’ll ask these people on my right. Um, sorry to interrupt. I wonder if you could give us a menu. Oh, they don’t seem to have one either.

My friend: We’d better get the waiter. I say . . . Waiter! Waiter! Please.

Waiter: Yes, sir?

My friend: We haven’t got a menu.

Waiter: Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll bring you one straight away.

My friend: Thank you.

Waiter: Here’s the menu, sir. I’m very sorry to trouble you, but I wonder if you could possibly move to another table. I’m afraid this table is reserved.

Myself: Oh yes, by all means.

Waiter: Thank you very much, sir.

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