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Dialogue Between Two Friends About Deforestation and Its Effect

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Question: Write A dialogue between two friends about deforestation and its effect.

Answer: Dialogue between two friends about deforestation and its effect:

Razu: Hello, Karim, how are you?

Karim: What about you?

Razu: I’m fine too. But I’m worried about deforestation.

Karim: What happened?

Razu: Do you know that many people in our country are cutting trees indiscriminately?

Karim: Yes, I know. People are cutting trees for fuel, furniture, etc.

Razu: It means every day we are losing our trees on a large scale.

Karim: What will be the effect of deforestation?

Razu: They are too many to describe. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance. If we destroy trees at random, one day the country will turn into a great dessert. The temperature will rise and it will cause the greenhouse effect.

Karim: How can we get rid of this great disaster?

Razu: Only by planting more trees. We should also make people conscious of the importance of trees.

Karim: Thank you.

Razu: Welcome.


Dialogue Between Two Friends About Deforestation

Question: Write a dialogue between you and your friend about deforestation.


Myself: AssalamuAlaikum.

Friend: Walaikumassalam. How are you, my friend?

Myself: Alhamdulillah. What about you?

Friend: By the grace of Allah I am well.

Myself: Dear friend, I have something to ask you.

Friend: Oh, sure! Why not?

Myself: Would you tell me about deforestation?

Friend: Deforestation means cutting trees at random.

Myself: Is it beneficial for us?

Friend: Oh, ‘No’ It is never beneficial.

Myself: What is the negative impact of deforestation?

Friend: There is no positive impact of deforestation. All are negative.

Myself: Would you explain some of them?

Friend: It is the first threat to our environment.

Myself: Can it cause any bad effect on our weather?

Friend: Not only weather but it also can cause the greenhouse effect.

Myself: Really?

Friend: Yes, this is the reality.

Myself: Anything negative more?

Friend: It can turn a country into a desert.

Myself: What should we do now?

Friend: We should stop deforestation and plant more and more trees.

Myself: Thank you

Friend: Thank you also.

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