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Report on Deforestation: A Threat to Our Existence

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of The Daily Star. Now write a report expressing your deep concern over the indiscriminate use of life-threatening chemicals in food and fruit.

Deforestation: A Threat to Our Existence

Answer: Indiscriminate cutting down of trees is leading the country to desertification. In the past, it was not as extensive as it is now. With the increase of population, trees are being cut indiscriminately with no foreknowledge about what may happen in course of time. At present, the seasonal circle has undergone a significant change. Rainfall has become irregular and it is telling upon our agriculture. Besides, many areas have already been affected by drought and consequently, scarcity of food is now on the rise. Environment pollution has become a common phenomenon and deforestation has aggravated this situation further. Amir Ali, a farmer of Savar, told the reporter, “People are cutting down trees for making houses and it is producing a bad impact on the climate of the country.”
The government has already taken some measures for planting more trees. But some more measures should be taken in this respect.

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