Paragraph on Tension

Question: “Tension means mental, emotional, or nervous strain”. Complete the following in two paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you will write the causes and problems created by tension and in the second, you will suggest possible solutions to it.


Answer: Tension means mental. emotional or nervous strain. Almost all the educated people are well acquainted with the term. Tension may be of different kinds. It is very dangerous. A person may suffer from tension for various reasons. When a person is in the grip of tension, it causes him many serious diseases like pressure, heart attack, brain stroke. As a result, his health deteriorates day by day. He loses his temper and balance. He cannot do anything. He comes to no use of the society. Day by day he becomes sick. As days are passing by. tension is mounting high. High ambition, frustration, social problems, political unrest, economic crisis, and many other things give birth to tension. At present we find the tension between nations. However, we can get rid of tension by leading a carefree life.

A man can get rid of tension by leading a carefree life and carefree life means free from anxieties and worries. In order to lead a carefree life, we should not run after pelf and power. We should not nourish high ambition because it drives us mad. We should engage ourselves in more and more work. We should devote ourselves to social and religious activities.

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