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Essay on Town Life Vs Village Life

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[Hints: Introduction; Town life; Village life; Comparison; Conclusion]

Introduction: Milton, in one of his poems, gives us a pleasant picture of life in a village. Though he speaks of England, his description with minor changes is true of villages all over the world. A man in the village gets up early in the morning with the welcoming song of birds. He greets the sun as it rises on the eastern horizon. He listens to the songs of the peasants and watches the cowherd driving his herds to pasture. In the afternoon, the farmer’s wife serves her husband with the season a single food. She herself has cooked this food.

Town life: Town life is very pleasant to a rich man. He can enjoy all sorts of comfort there. In towns, there are colleges and university for higher education; cinema halls for amusement. Experienced doctors, nurses and hospital are also available in town. There is a good facility for trade, commerce and industry in town. Most of the people in a town have good sources of earning. So the standard of living of town people is higher. than that of the people living in a village.

Village life: Village life is a life of perfect peace. It is very simple. It is free from cares and anxieties of the word. They are free from the troubles of the cheats and pick-pockets of the town. In the village, the people get free air to enjoy. There is a good supply of fresh vegetables and milk in villages.

Comparison: The poet sing, “Man made the town and God made the village”. Town life is not free from defects. Life in town us complex and difficult. It makes people more or less selfish. People in town are always busy with their own affairs. The town is rather nasty with its dust, filth and bad smell. Vehicles ply constantly in town. Accidents occur there every now and then. Cheats and pick-pockets also abound in town. There are some .defects in village life too. The village people are poor. They have a very limited source of income. There is no facility for higher education, good medical treatment, during the rainy season roads go underwater in the village. Then people can not move freely.

Conclusion: Actually village and town life have both their advantages and disadvantages. We can not go with one without the other. Naturally, with these our villages are humming with life. Many will perhaps look back to the quite peaceful rural life of the past. There is no doubt that life in the villages today in no longer stagnant and monotonous as it used to be in the past.

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