Composition on City Life Is Better Than Country Life

Introduction: we all know that nothing on earth is an unmixed blessing. The statement made about the city life and the country life is not also an exception. Both the lives have their own merits and demerits or advantages and disadvantages.

Genetic facts: there goes a popular saying, ‘god has made the country and man has made the town’. God made the country at the origin of human habitation and man made the town in the recent time. The town flourished and developed by degrees with the advancement of industrialization. These developed and attractive towns are gradually alluring the village people to leave villages for towns.

Arguments for village life:

  • Villages are many in number: while towns are a few in number.
  • A village has a wide area; while a town has a small area.
  • The houses of the village are spacious and stand apart; while the houses of town are very close to one another.
  • The village life is quite natural; while the town life is artificial.
  • The village life is a life full of peace and quietness while the town life is a life full of din and bustle.
  • The village life is simple and easy going; while the town life is complex and mechanized.
  • The village people wake up from sleep in the morning hearing the morning hearing the melodious songs of birds; while the town people wake up from sleep in the morning hearing the sounds of modern transports.
  • The village people are united by strong bondage of love, affection and fellow feelings; while the town people are more of less self-fish and lead a self-fish and lead a self-centered life.
  • The village people live in a pollution free environment; while the town people live in a serious pollution affected environment.
  • The village people live a care-free peaceful life; while the town people live a risky life or traffic jams and accidents.
  • The village people are more or less free from the disturbances of anti-social elements; while the town people are always haunted by the town people are deprived of these boons of bounteous nature.
  • The village people can enjoy the variety and beauties of nature with the changes of different seasons; while the town people are deprived of these natural blessings.

Arguments for town life:

  • The town people enjoy all the amenities of modern life; while the village people are deprived of these facilities.
  • The town people have different sources of incomes and enjoy a higher standard of living.
  • The town people live in luxurious houses equipped with all the facilities of modern life that are absent in the village life.
  • The town people get adequate educational facilities, medical facilities, improved media facilities, modern recreational facilities, up-to-date communication facilities, electric and water supply facilities, health and sanitation facilities what not.
  • The town people enjoy the privilege of running the administrative matters of the country. In this regard, the villages are merely the objects to be governed by.

Conclusion: we find from the above-mentioned facts that both the city life and the country life have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are in fact complementary to each other, and not substitutes. We should all try to make both the lives charming and attractive by elimination their disadvantages.

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