Composition on Advantages and Disadvantages of City Life

Question: Write a short composition expressing your idea about the “Advantages and Disadvantages of City Life“. Or, Write a composition on “The Charms of City Life“.

Answer: God made the country and man made the town. Town or city life has both advantages life disadvantages as the country life has. With the advancement of science and technology, the life of man has become more comfortable and easier. But before the inventions of science, to pass his daily life with numerous problems. His life was then hard and difficult. He had had to face various natural calamities helplessly. But science has invented many weapons and has instruments by which man can overcome the hurdles offered by nature. Moreover, man invented so many types of equipment to make his life easy and comfortable. In the city life, the ake his life easy and comfort equipment of modem inventions are easily available.

Amenities for recreation and entertainment are easily available in city life. Cinema, theatres, and different cultural organizations offer a wider scope of recreation in the city. Village life cannot afford all these. A city dweller may easily visit cultural centers, clubs, libraries. These centers contribute much to the development of a city dweller. Moreover, there are parks, zoos, playgrounds, stadiums, swimming pools, museums, art galleries in the city and they give us many recreational facilities for mental and intellectual development.

Education in all branches of knowledge is also available in the city. Facilities of education from primary level to university level are available in the city.

City dwellers enjoy greater medical facilities. Medical colleges, well-equipped hospitals, and clinics provide services for the treatment of complex diseases. Specialized doctors and hospitals are centered in the city.

Modern trade and commerce are run in the city especially the import and export of goods, industrial products are possible only in the city. Besides all these, the administrative offices are located in the towns. Despite all the advantages of city life, there are many disadvantages in city life. The life of a model man in a modem city becomes very fast, monotonous, and mechanical. He has to lead a swift life, and he has no “time to stand and stare.”

A city dweller is detached from nature and leads an artificial life. He loses emotion and fellow feeling. He loses sympathy for the suffering of the working people. Tension, anxiety, loneliness are the companions of a city dweller. He cannot enjoy the peace, tranquillity, and freshness of nature. Along with the expansion of cities, extended families are being extinct and nuclear families are coming into existence. Agriculture is being neglected and food production is being reduced. As a result, the food problem is becoming acuter.

We may speak in favor of country life for natural beauties and other things of nature but in spite of that people still hanker after the amenities, comforts and luxuries and similar other charms of the city life. City life, though artificial, is yet the attraction of almost all people. We preach in favor of country life bu,t in practice we like to stay in cities in spite of numerous problems and hardship.

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